Asians Do Therapy

Jenjee Sengkhammee, PhD. Asians and White Supremacy

August 20, 2020 Season 1 Episode 4
Asians Do Therapy
Jenjee Sengkhammee, PhD. Asians and White Supremacy
Show Notes

In this conversation, I speak to with Jenjee Sengkhammee PhD about 

  • the diversity in the Asian American identity and experiences
  • the range of responses from Asian people to the Black Lives Matter movement 
  • how white supremacy affects Asian Americans 
  • the position we have been placed within the white supremacy system. 

Dr. Jenjee Sengkhammee (she/her) identifies as a Hmong American woman raised in the United States. As a woman of color from a poor refugee family, her experiences of culture and racial identity have shaped her understanding of the world. She is a licensed psychologist in Portland, Oregon. She owns a private practice, Heart & Mind Cultural Counseling and Training, where she provides culturally-oriented psychotherapy with individuals and couples, consults with mental health agencies, and supervises psychologist trainees. Dr. Sengkhammee is interested in understanding the role of culture and identity in our life experiences, addressing racial trauma and microaggressions therapeutically, and the role of mental health self-care in living and healing.

For more context of this conversation and additional reading and listening resources, check out this medium article.

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