Asians Do Therapy

Navin. What has Changed with Therapy

February 26, 2021 Yin J. Li, LMFT Season 1 Episode 7
Asians Do Therapy
Navin. What has Changed with Therapy
Show Notes

In this conversation, Navin shares with me his experiences in therapy and answers some of my questions:

  • Why talking to a therapist has been different for him from talking to family and friends
  • Why feeling his emotions has been so valuable
  • What happened when he started working with an Asian American therapist
  • Why was it important for him to tell his parents about being in therapy.  Navin provides a very helpful, 2 part decision matrix so you can decide if you want to tell your parents
  • Why feeling dependent on his therapist has actually been a good thing
  • What has changed for him after being therapy

I really enjoyed my conversation with Navin. He shared so many valuable insights in what has come up for him in therapy as an Asian American.  I hope our conversation gives you a better understanding of what can happen in therapy.

Navin Kadaba (he/him) identifies as a South Asian American man. As a child of Indian Immigrants growing up in predominantly white environments, he's been on a lifelong journey to explore and experience his full self as an Asian-American. Navin's background in science & technology brought him to Google with aspirations of building products, but his passion for people and values of empathy and equity led him to People Operations where he manages an HR team. Both inside and outside work, Navin enjoys connecting with people and having tough conversations about racial identity, cultural context, and civic engagement. At home, Navin dedicates himself to caring for his partner (involving a lot of cooking) and tending to their canine companion.

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